Model Rocket

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I was in my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, earlier in the week when I spied something I haven’t seen in years… a model of the Saturn V rocket. It was included in the AMT Man in Space Rocket Set. My parents bought me a Saturn V model rocket kit when I was 12 and so enamored with NASA’s space program.

Saturn V Model RocketOn Sunday, July 20, 1969, we were at Grandma & Grandpa Heiden’s house sitting in front of a B&W TV to watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon. From that time until 1972, I watched every lift off, lunar walk, and splash down. That Christmas, my parents bought me a 30″ Saturn V rocket with command and lunar modules. My Dad and I put it together. It stayed in my room for as long as I can remember… not sure what happened to it after all these years.

I bought the kit and can’t wait to put all of the included models together!