Founders at Work-Stories of Startups’ Early Days

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I read “Founders at Work” about a year ago and recently had the opportunity to read this book again. I posted my original book review on Goodreads. I wanted to share my opinion on this book and why I think you should read it. And, if you think you don’t have time to read another book, check out my earlier post on Time Management Tactics!

I think we all have a desire to “do our own thing.” I know that is especially true for me. This year marks the tenth anniversary of me being out on my own with Veracity Technologies. My company hasn’t grown  to the size of some mentioned in this book, but that was never my intention.

“Founders at Work” chronicles great interviews with founders like Steve Wozniak (Apple) and Max Levchin of PayPal. The author, Jessica Livingston, asks very probing questions that elicit some deep thoughts from her interviewees. It’s from their responses that I learned a great deal about the necessities I need in my own business.

Following your instincts is key to success. Will you make mistakes? Yes, I did and I still do. But, I learn from those mistakes! Reading this book will give you the confidence to take the next step with your entrepreneurial journey!

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