Getting Ready to Publish

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Publish the book so the cat can read it!
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In 2007, I was travelling a lot and had to leave my cat Samantha home and let friends check in on her. While sitting on planes and waiting in airports, I wrote brief stories about what she could do in my absence. Now, I feel confident enough to publish those stories.

Why now? Because a few weeks ago I met this amazing young artist who loves to draw animals. I was partnering with a friend to conduct mock interviews at a technical school. She was one of my “candidates” and confidently handed me her resume and art portfolio. I took one look and out of my blurted this phrase, “Would you be interested in illustrating my series of children’s books?” What was I thinking? It had to be a God moment. We finished up our interview, and she went back to her class. A few moments later, her instructor came out and said that she was in the hall crying tears of joy. So, here we are.

Process to Publish

Ducks in a row to publish
My Ducks in a Row – Generated by Night Cafe AI

I’ve decided to publish this first book on my own. I’m learning as fast as I can to get all of my ducks in a row. There are legal forms to be completed between myself and my illustrator. After that, I will introduce you to her. I need to decide if I’m going the all-Amazon route or to find and use a service like Bookbaby.

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