He Gives

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He Gives

I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT and other forms of AI-generated art for sometime. Today, in my devotional time with YouVersion Bible app, Isaiah 40 was one scripture I studied in the context of finding God’s presence in our weary world. If you’d like to read and study along with me, the plan is entitled Good News: Encouragement for a World in Crisis.

The mass shooting in Louisville Kentucky this past Monday has really laid heavy on my heart. There is so much evil in this world that manifests itself in every aspect of our life. I think this is why I focused on the particular scripture.

No matter your circumstances, our God cares for us and wants to have a personal relationship with us. I encourage you to reach out to learn more. And, I encourage you to strive for one positive thought a day.

He Gives

Song Lyrics generated by ChatGPT on April 12, 2023. Modified by Jyll Stuart.

Verse 1:
Comfort, comfort, my people
Says the Lord our God
Speak tenderly, speak kindly
For you will see His love
Every valley will be raised up
Every mountain will be made low
Make way for the Lord of mercy
His glory all will know

He gives strength to the weary
He gives power to the weak
Those who trust in the Lord
Their hope will never cease

Verse 2:
The grass withers, the flowers fade
But the Word of God will stand
His promises are faithful and true
In His love, we’ll always stand
So lift your eyes up to the heavens
And see the greatness of our God
His power and might unfailing
All will see and applaud

So take heart, O you who wait
On the Lord to renew your strength
Soar high on wings like eagles
Run and not be weary, for He is great