Rebelle 7 is Coming!

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I have always wanted to venture into digital painting. I’ve tried a few programs in the past, but they haven’t satisfied me. Recently I saw an article about Rebelle software from Escape Motions. It mentioned that their latest version (Rebelle 7) was coming out in December. So, their current version (Version 6) amazed me with what I could do!

Rebelle is a digital painting software known for its unique simulation of traditional media such as watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. It provides a realistic painting experience in the digital realm, aiming to replicate the behavior of traditional art materials.

Withe Rebelle 6 I was able to play with its realistic watercolor simulation. The software mimics the behavior of watercolors, including blending, diffusion, and the interaction of colors with wet surfaces. I’ve been experimenting with watercolor for the past 2-3 years and I will say that the software realistically mimics how pigments blend and interact on paper. Just like with physical watercolor, I will need to practice brush control using a mouse instead. I have a digital tablet I may try.

Additionally, Rebelle offers a variety of brushes and textures that mimic traditional artistic tools like pencils, charcoal, and ink. The software often includes dynamic brushes that respond to pressure and tilt, providing a natural and intuitive painting experience.

Additional Rebelle 7 Features

It looks like they have added metallic paints. It will be interesting to see how they interact on screen versus real life. The “papers” look like they will behave more realistically; hot press versus cold press. Check out their YouTube video for a sneak peek.