My Watercolor Muse

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If you’ve wondered where I’ve been these past several weeks, I’ve been exploring my watercolor muse. I can’t honestly say what prompted me to go in this direction, but it happened on a Friday, and I’ve been hooked since then! Then, my friend Lisa Greer took me to a paint-along class, which cemented my idea!

Getting Started with Watercolors

Last year, I picked up a set of Winsor-Newton student watercolors and a pad of paper at Hobby Lobby. I played a couple of times and then put them away. Then, I found Skillshare when I took a free class on Google Analytics.

After that class, I browsed around and found classes on watercolor techniques that were simple and easy to understand. Some of the classes that I took included:

  • Watercolor pencil techniques
  • 3-Step Watercolor – Painting with Layered Washes
  • Watercolor Painting Series – Neutralized Linear Landscapes

Continuing Education

My niece has been a fan of YouTube for a very long time. That’s where she’s learned to draw and is quite the young artist. So, taking a cue from her, I started exploring watercolor tutorials on YouTube. Here are some of my favorite channels:

Paint Along Opportunities

As I mentioned previously, Lisa took me to an acrylic paint-along class. I had a great time! Most of the places around here work with acrylics or oils. I found an online subscription service with YouTube tutorials and live paint-along sessions. I’ll write about that in another article!


Some of my watercolor paintings