A Bunch of Rainy Days

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2023 presented itself as a bunch of rainy days in my life, probably why I only penned out three posts the entire year. Make that two because one was to qualify for some free templates.

March of 2023, I was gung-ho and full speed ahead! I was prepping my first children’s book to publish. Then, Mom fell. Nothing serious. She was getting over a fractured pelvis in November 2022.

All during April, she worked hard to build up her strength. Her walking, aided by a walker, was gradually improving.  She loved taking short trips with my brother and sister and was anxious to get back out on the road.

In early May, she fell again. She hit her head this time, and my sister couldn’t get her up. EMS transported her to the ER. They did a CT scan and saw “something” on the x-ray. The ER doctor ordered an MRI, which is when they found it. A dime-sized tumor in the middle of her cerebellum. She needed a neurosurgeon consult, so she got transported to a specialized neuro hospital. The biopsy showed that it was a very aggressive Grade IV. Where it was located would affect muscle movement and coordination. The neurosurgeon couldn’t tell us how long it had been there. It made us all wonder if this was the root cause of her falls…

More Rainy Days Ahead

We went from the neuro hospital to a short stint in a rehab facility. Then home. The doctors didn’t have any treatment options. The tumor really affected her movement and sometimes her speech.

Once or twice a week, I’d make the journey home to spend as much time as I could. We talked. Reminisced. Prayed. I put everything on the back burner because she wasn’t going to be with us much longer.

Mom knew she was headed to heaven. She and I talked about the state of the world often. She constantly encouraged me to maintain a positive outlook.

On July 14, two months after her initial diagnosis, she went home. She and Dad are back together again!

Rainy Days

Now What?

I miss calling Mom and chatting about anything and everything. The first time I needed to fix a meal for church, I had the phone in hand to call and ask her what I should cook. I was numb and didn’t feel like doing anything. I took a lot of naps.

I forced myself to get projects done at Veracity. I struggled to complete the 2023 Christmas Light show for a local town. My heart wasn’t in it. My brother and sister came to our house for Christmas. It was somewhat muted.

Something changed on New Year’s Eve. My husband and I went to a small gathering at church and stayed past midnight! I laughed for the first time since Mom died. I laughed hard at some of the antics and games we played – my sides hurt the next day.

I found a renewal taking place throughout the days and weeks that followed. I focused more time on daily devotionals through The Bible app. I cleaned out my office and reorganized my art supplies. This week, I got out my watercolors and painted for the first time in nearly a year.

I know I’ll see Mom again when it’s time to go home to Jesus. In the meantime, I want to make each day count, even rainy days.