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Keep on Writing

Keep On Writing!

I wrote my first post on this site three months after I married. In 8 years since then, I’ve added 34 articles – about 4

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Is It Spring Yet?

According to the calendar, Spring will be here in 7 days. As I write this, the weather guy is reporting that we may have “accumulating”

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Pay Attention!

I just finished reading PAY ATTENTION!: How to Listen, Respond, and Profit From Customer Feedback written by Ann Thomas and Jill Applegate. Every business owner

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Political Ads

Are you as sick of political ads as I am? I believe politicians should run on their merits and their voting record. As voters, we should be informed and not be swayed by political advertising or special interest pressures. I’m giving you a list of web sites that are non-partisan, non-profit whose sole purpose is to track the votes made by each member of Congress and to let you know who is giving them money.

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