If It’s Friday, It Must Be Jyll-Day

Fountain pen taking notes on Jyll-Day

If it’s Friday, it must be Jyll-Day! Being an entrepreneur¬†with 3 active business propositions (Veracity Technologies, ShockAlarm, and Barnwood Pens) and many percolating ideas, it’s tough to carve out time for me. So, mid-May I started an experiment. I blocked out my Friday’s just for me and it’s turned out great! An added benefit is that my husband currently has a 4-day work week and he’s off on Friday too!

What’s Jyll-Day Like?

We’re usually up around 7:30 AM or so and one of us will get the coffee going. Today, we brewed our special blend from Top Pot! Most other days we brew Joe Knows Coffee – Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

While the coffee is brewing, I attend to my morning reading:

  • Daily Devotional and Bible study via Bible Gateway
  • Read my Morning Brew (FYI, if you subscribe through this link I may get cool stuff)
  • Scan the top stories at Medium
  • Pop through the social media sites of my companies to see if there is anything I need to address

After breakfast, I’ll handle any emails that need to be dealt with and then close email down for the day. (Ok, maybe I’ll peek a few times!) I have a standing project meeting on Friday afternoons, but that runs so smoothly we’re on and updated in 15 minutes!

Creativity Expansion

I will work on a couple of online classes in either writing, painting, or drawing. I love being able to pause the video, try out the technique, and then continue on with the rest of the class. Colored pencils currently hold my attention and I love experimenting with different blending techniques and mediums.

Technical Expansion

Technology is changing by the minute, or at least it is to me. I will take a technology-related class and learn something new on a monthly basis. I like using edX, udemy, and SkillShare (affiliate link). I’m intrigued by single-page web applications, so that’s what I’m currently learning more about.

You Need A Personal Day

After keeping Fridays for Jyll-Days for the past 4 weeks, I am more relaxed and feel ready to conquer next week’s Monday-Thursday challenges.

I’ve been exploring this concept on and off for the past few years. As you can see in “Make Time for Writing,” it’s been a challenge for me.

I encourage you to take more time for yourself. You’ll be less-stressed, more energetic, and have a more positive outlook on life!

Keep On Writing!

Keep on Writing

I wrote my first post on this site 3 months after I married. In 8 years since then, I’ve added 34 total articles – about 4 per year if you want to do the math. Prior to that, I had accounts on WordPress.com and on Blogger. To me, they seemed like an online diary and that’s not what I wanted to accomplish. Writing is a passion of mine that I want to continue to pursue.

Why I Write

When I decided to keep both a personal blog and a company blog, my reasoning was that I wanted to share my experiences and not just my personal rants. Heidi Cohen has a great article entitled “Why Have A Personal Blog?” I encourage you to check it out.

I have many different hobbies that pursue: needlework, crochet, working on stained glass with my husband, dabbling in watercolor, and writing. It’s the writing that I want to focus upon in the short term.

You Should Write Too

If you don’t have a personal blog to exercise your writing muse, I suggest that you consider starting one. There are many free options available that don’t require a tremendous amount of techno-savvy. WordPress has a free option – and you don’t even need a domain name (Although I highly recommend it for personal branding). Google’s Blogger is also free.

Make Time for Writing

Hands typing on computer

As a small business owner, most of my “spare time” is spent on housework, family time, and catching up on work. I seldom take time out for myself. One of the reasons that this image speaks to me as it reminds me to make time for writing.

I love to write! I’m not sure if it will ever lead to anything, but it makes me happy! I alternate between using a paper journal and an electronic journal – never sure which one will grab my attention for the day.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get up a bit earlier and spend time writing or mindmapping writing topics. There are some days that this works out, other days I simply jump into work tasks.

I got my first Mac Book about 3 years ago and read that I “needed” Scrivener to pursue my writing on a higher scale. So, I bought it and installed it and haven’t used it until this past week. I set aside enough time to watch a 90-minute webinar on Scrivener. I was very impressed with how powerful a tool it can be! So, that’s my next adventure!

2018 Update

I’ve managed to up my content writing on 2 sites! I am adding one article per week here and on my company’s site. One of this year’s articles again stressed the importance of making time for writing. To me, writing is similar to piano lessons. If you want to be proficient, then you must practice regularly.

As the year progresses, you’ll see me updating many of my previous articles – like this one. I want to make sure that I close the loop on any unanswered questions plus provide additional insights.


Photo courtesy of Damian Zaleski