Write A Letter – It’s February

Fountain pen on paper

Write a letter, it’s February! Or, as I’ve learned to call it InCoWriMo. The challenge is to handwrite (in ink) a letter every day during the month of February and mail it. No email, no text message, just old school pen on paper.

Curious as to what to include in your letter? Then, check out these prompts posted by one of my favorite vendors, Goulet Pens. Feel free to check them out and drop them a letter. Rachel and Brian would love to hear from you!

What do you need to write a letter? It’s simple. Grab a pen and some paper and start writing. Put it in an envelope, seal it, add a stamp and mail. (You can order stamps online, you know!)

If you need some ideas of writing topics, here are a few prompts to get started. I typically write about what I like to do for fun, my work, and my awesome cat.

  •  Your career
  • Your school experience
  • How you spend your free time
  • What makes you the happiest?
  • Have you been on any adventures?
If you’re looking for correspondents, here are few ideas that might interest you.
  • First responders
  • Family you seldom see
  • School friends that you haven’t chatted with in a while
  • Neighbors

If you don’t get 29 letters written and mailed this month, it’s ok! The important thing is to take some time away from the digital world and put your thoughts on paper. If you can’t find a correspondent, drop me a note with your address and I’ll try to add you to my list!

Feature image courtesy of Debby Hudson