Fountain pen taking notes on Jyll-Day

If It’s Friday, It Must Be Jyll-Day

If it’s Friday, it must be Jyll-Day! Being an entrepreneur with 3 active business propositions (Veracity Technologies, ShockAlarm, and Barnwood Pens) and many percolating ideas, it’s tough to carve out time for me. So, mid-May I started an experiment. I blocked out my Friday’s just for me and it’s turned out great! An added benefit is

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Time management using Open calendar with pen and coffee

Time Management Tactics

How many time management courses have you attended? How many books on this topic have you read?  What tactics or strategies do you employ to manage your time? I still have the first time management book I read, “If You Haven’t Got the Time to Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time to

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Going Back to Paper

Going Back to Paper

I have an iPhone and an iPad and have been using that combination for the past three years. During that time, I’ve tested many digital planner solutions. It’s not that they don’t work per se. Instead, I like the connection by brain makes by putting pen to paper. That’s why I am going back to

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Break Out of the Mold

I spent 27 years in corporate America and was able to break out of the mold in 2010. It was a blessing in disguise as I was struggling to fit into a mold that wasn’t destined to be. I’m independent, strong-willed, strong-minded, and creative. And that combination doesn’t work in most companies – no matter

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Keep on Writing

Keep On Writing!

I wrote my first post on this site 3 months after I married. In 8 years since then, I’ve added 34 total articles – about 4 per year if you want to do the math. Prior to that, I had accounts on and on Blogger. To me, they seemed like an online diary and

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hourglass on a calendar

Procrastination-itis: There is a cure!

Sometimes I suffer from “procrastination-itis” as do probably most of you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “why do it today when you can put it off tomorrow?” If you let this get the best of you, it will slowly kill your dreams because one day you’ll look around and wonder when time passed you

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About me

I am an entrepreneur, writer, and dreamer.  I specialize in web application architecture, information architecture, business process analysis, and leveraging open source technologies.

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I want to share what I learn and help others succeed in their endeavors. I strive to be an encouragement to those who cross my path.

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