Articles by Jyll Stuart

99 Days and Counting

If you read a news feed other than Facebook, you might have heard that Facebook intentionally manipulated the emotional content of nearly 700,000 users for a week back in January 2012. They wanted to see what the psychological impact would be by substituting negative news for positive news and vice-versa. In essence, they conducted a

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Is It Spring Yet?

According to the calendar, Spring will be here in 7 days. As I write this, the weather guy is reporting that we may have “accumulating” snow this weekend. Enough, already! I have about 6 packs of seeds sitting on the kitchen table yearning to be plopped into the ground. Looking forward to spring peas, spinach,

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On Being A Mentor

I had the privilege of being a Mentor to five young men and women from Southern Indiana high schools this past week. They were nominated by their counselors and teachers to participate in the Purdue Research Park High School Entrepreneurship Academy. To be honest with you, I got more out of this experience than I had anticipated.

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