kindness at lunch

The Best Lunch

I spent most of the morning moving a website to a new server. My eyes were sore and I had a headache…probably because it was way past lunch. I drove to a Chinese restaurant not far from my office…hoping for a quiet lunch and a chance to get caught up on some reading. I opened

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Using the Long Tail in Business

Today’s online marketing often turns traditional marketing plans on their proverbial head. Niche products often overtake traditional stalwarts and customer relationships become a thing of the moment. So, where am I going with this? The concept of the long tail will force you to rethink your marketing strategy if you want to be successful in

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Reform 1745 – Fountain Pen of the Week

It’s been quite a while since I’ve used my fountain pens. This past Sunday evening my eyes gravitated towards one of the Reform 1745’s in my collection. I filled it with Private Reserve Blue Suede ink. Ahh, an acquaintance has been renewed! This German-made pen writes smooth on  a variety of papers. Fountain Pen Network member Kaweco

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The Genius Machine

It’s hard to teach creative thinking. So often our day-to-day prejudices get in the way. But to be successful, we need to learn to think creatively and not just in a problem solving manner.

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The Rules of Work

[box] THE RULES OF WORK: A Definitive Code for Personal Success Expanded Edition Richard Templar Published by FT Press ISBN: 9780137072064[/box] Every aspect of life has a set of rules and the workplace is no different. Instead of thinking that these “rules” set restrictive boundaries, the author wants you to learn how to get more

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About me

I am an entrepreneur, writer, and dreamer.  I specialize in web application architecture, information architecture, business process analysis, and leveraging open source technologies.

My mission

I want to share what I learn and help others succeed in their endeavors. I strive to be an encouragement to those who cross my path.

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